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The Essex Green : Cannibal Sea

For their new album, Cannibal Sea, The Essex Green have assembled a collection of songs that speak to themes of travel, exploration, wanderlust and the desire for quiet niches amid the pressures of big city living. Available at Merge Records.

Click here to listen to Don't Know Why (You Stay)

The Essex Green : The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye represents the effort of a year-long process involving a close musical family of friends at different recording locations in Vermont and NY yielding the most concise and sophisticated recordings by the band to date. Available at Merge Records.

Click here to listen to Our Lady In Havana

The Essex Green : Everything Is Green

This is the first official Essex Green release. Recorded at Studio 45 in Hartford, CT and Marlborough Farms in Brooklyn, this album introduces the many styles and sounds of the band. Available as 2-disk CD with E.P. (below) at The Track And Field Organization.

Click here to listen to Everything Is Green

The Essex Green : Self Titled E.P.

This is a five song E.P. completed in early 1999 and released on The Elephant Six label. The original pressing is out of print but the tracks are available as a 2-disk CD with Everything Is Green (above) at The Track and Field Organization.

Click here to listen to Chester

Related Projects

The Sixth Great Lake : Sunday Bridge

This 2004 effort was released as a vinyl-only LP on their own Tup Keewah Recordings label is quiet, haunting and reflective set of songs from members of the previous Sixth Great Lake project along with a number of Brooklyn friends. Email us for availability.

Click here to listen to Everybody Loves To Be Loved

The Finishing School : Destination Girl

This debut solo album from the prolific keyboardist Sasha Bell, released in December of 2003, refines and redefines the characteristics she’s shown as a part of Essex Green and Ladybug Transistor. Available at The Track And Field Organization

Click here to listen to Destination Girl

The Sixth Great Lake : Up The Country

Gathering in Burlington, VT and upstate, NY and armed with a portable 8-track studio, The Essex Green join with members of their erstwhile outfit Guppyboyto create this pastoral folk album. Email us for availability.

Click here to listen to Duck Pond

Guppyboy : Jeffersonville

Formed in 1992, Guppyboy was the start of it all. The group was based out of Burlington, VT with a 18-month stint in Chicago, IL. The band finally left the cassette-album format for a definitive first (and last) cd release in 1997. Currently out of print.

Click here to listen to Affection

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